Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015

Sam has been really struggling the past few days. Medicine changes are so hard when it comes to epilepsy. We ended up slowing down the recent medicine change by adding an additional week to the process. Once we got her on the last dosage in the plan, she has been very tired, won't eat and is spiking a temperature on and off. We have had a situation where she has been on a toxic level before and I think we are on that border once again. We are going to watch her close tonight and talk with her doctor in the morning. She doesn't have any room to move up on either of her current meds so if this dose doesn't work we will have to go back to the drawing board with meds. It is kind of a frustrating process. It is hard to see her slo sleepy. She is just waking up from her second nap today which was three hours long. I know I ask for prayers for Sam and or family often, but if you could send some her way tonight I would greatly appreciate it. God has her in His hands and for at I am thankful. 

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