Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 28th- 8 Weeks Old

It had been a few weeks since the last post and Samantha Grace has been doing really well. We are now three weeks since her last surgery to put in the new shunt with no sign of infection. Her head is healing really well this time. The doctor said that most of the time you would see signs of infection or problems within two weeks of a shunt being placed! What a blessing it is to see that time come and go! If we can make it to two months our risk percentage goes down greatly. This week we have her 2 month shots, an appointment with physical therapy and an appointment with her neurosurgeon. I have so much peace in my heart right now about Samantha. Not sure what physical and medical obstacles we still might be facing down the road but God has shown me that we can make it through whatever comes our way. This week I was thinking back to the weeks and days before Sam was born. Travis and I were so nervous because our doctors on several occasions told us to plan for the worst. They told us that there was a chance she might not make it out of the delivery room. This week I finally took some of her baby items out of boxes and put them together. Travis and I had decided that we would keep them in boxes... just in case something happened. It brought tears to my eyes to think back on where we had been. I can't even begin to tell you what a blessing you all have been in our lives. I really believe that our Samantha is a true miracle and your prayers have made a difference in her life. I had made a video for my DES family a few weeks back and felt that I needed to share one with all of you. Your support has meant so much. Thank you for being a blessing....

Friday, May 13, 2011

May 13th- 6 Weeks Old

So we are just so very blessed. Samantha was able to get her new shunt placed last Friday. It was a little bit of a rocky road because her surgery got bumped for an emergency so she went without eating for over 10 hours. This was not fun for a little thing her size. She came through great and they were able to place the shunt in the same place as the first shunt. On Saturday morning she went for her shunt series scan and her MRI. They were going to let us come home Saturday but decided not to after seeing the MRI images. They knew she had some bleeding because blood had been coming out in her external drain but they saw more blood than they had expected to find. The main problem that this could cause is a failed shunt due to a blockage. The doctors also told us that she is at a higher risk of a shunt infection because she has already had one infection. A failed shunt or an infection usually show up one to two weeks after a shunt has been placed. So we are watching our little miracle like a hawk these days. They did tell us that if we can get past two months without problems our chances for infection and problems go way down. We were able to bring her home on Mother's Day... what a blessing that was and she has been doing great since. Gwen has really enjoyed having her back at home and is reading to her constantly. There has been so many times this week where I just have to smile. I think of where we have been and where God has taken us....BLESSINGS are all I can see. It is amazing to me that she is already 6 weeks old. I was listening to my iPod the other day and the song Don't Blink by Kenny Chesney came really does go by quickly. We have an appointment with our neurosurgery doctor on Monday afternoon and an appointment with Physical Therapy at the end of the month. We will also be seeing a genetics and neurology (for the seizures) this summer. We are so very thankful for all the wonderful staff on the 6th floor Intermediate at Brenner Children's Hospital for three weeks of wonderful care. We also thank you all for your continued support, love and prayers. You are all so amazing! We are just asking Samantha's prayer army to say a prayer that this shunt has no problems so we don't have to go through this all over again anytime soon!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 5th- 5 Weeks

Samantha Grace will be in surgery tomorrow morning around 10:45 to get a replacement shunt. Please say a prayer for her and her doctors. If all goes well we could be home as early as Saturday. So excited about bringing her home for the second time. The nurses, CNA's and the rest of the staff in Peds Intermediate have been so wonderful. Very blessed to have had such great care but I pray the only time we will see them in the future is just for visits when we have to come for doctor appointments! I had asked you all to say a prayer for Samantha's neighbor Carter. Please continue to say a prayer for him and his family. They were given the news today that the tests came back positive and the outlook is not good. My heart breaks for this family! Carter's smile would melt your heart! Hug your children.... remember you are blessed... and pray for miracles! Will try to update tomorrow....
Love you all-
Travis and Steph

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 4th- Almost 5 Weeks Old

So the word of the week is patience! We are just waiting and watching Samantha's cerebral spinal fluid that still has too much protein and red blood cells. Yesterday was the first day that we started to see an improvement in the color. It had changed from a dark cranberry to a light auburn. They are now testing the fluid every 3 days and once we get a test back that has all the levels right we will still have to have an unknown amount of time where everything is clear before another internal shunt is placed. So the length of our stay is still unknown. The things that are known would be that Samantha is doing great! She is eating like a champ, gripping fingers, tracking with her eyes.... exactly what she should be doing for her age. I know that we still have some time before we hit major milestones that Sam might struggle through but she is doing so much better than the doctors thought she might be doing at this point. Everyday... every moment with her is a true blessing and I can't praise God enough. God shows me signs of His presence daily at this hospital. Although you never want your children to be in pain in any way, I know that God has Samantha in this hospital, in this room, at this designated time  OKAY WHILE I WAS TYPING THIS THE DOCTOR JUST CAME IN AND SAID THAT EVEN THOUGH THE COLOR STILL LOOKS OFF A LITTLE THE TEST RESULTS ARE COMMING BACK GREAT AND SHE SHOULD BE GETTING ANOTHER INTERNAL SHUNT ON FRIDAY! I WAS GOING TO RETYPE THE POST BUT JUST FELT IT WAS ONE OF THOSE GOD MOMENTS THAT JUST AMAZES ME AND YOU NEEDED TO SEE WHAT I WAS TYPING WHEN I GOT THE NEWS! WE COULD HAVE HER HOME THIS WEEKEND! AMAZED....