Thursday, December 30, 2010

December 29th

Today has been an emotional day in our house. We had a three hour doctor's appointment and ultrasound today. It had been four weeks since we had been down to the doctor and we were hoping that the fluid was staying the same or possibly getting better. Last visit it was measuring 1.4 on both sides of her ventricles and now it had increased to 1.8. It was really had to look at a scan of her head and see the large sections of fluid. I guess it just really hit me hard today. I have not been able to sleep and I think that I have been through a box of tissues tonight. I am such a planner and the unknown is so hard for me. We had a list of questions for the doctor today, most of which could not be answered until we go next week for her MRI and fetal echocardiogram. The thing that concerns me the most right now is the fluid.  The doctor we saw today seemed concerned about the fluid and the fact that it was increasing. When Travis asked her how concerned she was she said at least moderately. She told us that there was a greater factor that Samantha would have delays because she was has Dandy Walker and the fluid is already causing some pressure. Travis and I are just praying right now that next week will hold more answers for us. The neurologist who we will be seeing might be able to give us some more answers on what to prepare for as long as they get good scans with the MRI. We just need to find out what is causing the fluid to build up. We are also praying for a good report about her heart. God has been so good to our family and I know he is with us every step of this emotional journey. I am so thankful for all the support we have from our friends and family. We love you all.

Our Baby 12-1-10

Many of you know that we have had a rough go of it the past few months. It all started when I became extremely sick during my 9th week of pregnancy and stayed that way until they got my gallbladder out at week 15. During these six weeks I didn't eat, didn't work, I had to changed doctors, had several stays at three different hospitals in the area, was even on a feeding tube at the end BUT I eventually was able to find relief when my sick gallbladder was finally removed.
The day after my surgery they had me go for an ultrasound on the baby. They never did exactly say what was going on or what they were seeing that was slightly concerning to them at that time, but we knew something was a little off. So they had me come back to the high risk OBGYN office for another ultrasound in two weeks. We went to that ultrasound two weeks ago, we were told that our baby had Ventriculomegaly which meant that there was excess fluid in the ventricles of the brain. They told us that there could be a number of things that could cause this and had us do an amnio to run several tests. During the past few weeks we have recieved tons of great news as one by one each test result came back in a positive light. So two weeks later we went to have another ultrasound done to check what was going on and to see what the next steps would be. Knowing that we were looking at a good chance that the baby might have to have a shunt put in when she was born, we were prepared for hearing about the possiblity of her having surgery. The thing we were not prepared for was the fact that they found another problem with the baby on this ultrasound. They found that the baby's cerebellum was not formed correctly. They explained that she has Dandy-Walker Malformation of the Cerebellum. We are staying faithful in the fact that God knows what is best and that he will protect our sweet baby girl. I will be going in the next few weeks for an MRI and an echocardiogram on the baby to check for possible other problems. This will also help the doctors to get a better look at what is going on with our sweet girl. We really will not completely know what problems, if any, our daughter will have until she is born.  I know that so many of you have prayed for us in the past few months and because we know that prayers works, we ask that you continue to lift her up in prayer for the next several months. We are going to name her Samantha after Travis' father who passed away when he was a child. I just can't believe that we have been through this long journey the past few months for nothing. We are willing to accept anything that comes our way because we know that God is  on our side and HE will be with us through all of it. WE ALSO KNOW THAT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE AND THAT GOD WORKS MIRACLES EVERYDAY.  Thank you so much for your prayers and support through this difficult time. We love you all so very much!