Friday, March 27, 2015

March 29, 2015

I can't believe that Sam is going to be 4 in just days! What an amazing journey it has been. I know that I have not been the best about keeping up with our blog in the past year, but I am going to try to update more often. Since my last post in December we have had another hospital stay. This one was actually planned. She went in for a surgical evaluation for seizures. We found out that she is having spikes in epileptic potential on both sides of her brain about every second while she sleeps. We also found out that she has seizures starting in several parts of her brain. They told us that they didn't think she would every be completely seizure free but we know that we serve an amazing God who gives people the knowledge for medical breakthroughs all the time. No matter what happens in Sam's life, God is in control. I wouldn't change a minute of the past 4 years. Every heartache and ounce of worry comes with the amazing gift from God we call Sammie Grace. She is worth every second. Thank you so much for walking with our family through this journey. I have been working on a book that I hope to get published in the next year. It shares my advise and experiences as a mother through this journey. Please help me pray that this will be a blessing to other people in the future who will go through similar situations. Now it is time to CELEBRATE the past 4 years! Happy Birthday Samantha! You are one loved little girl!