Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December 22, 2014- The Good, Bad And Everything In Between -2014 WithThe Bode Family

The Good, Bad And Everything In Between -2014 With The Bode Family

-Gwen's 1st year of Upward Cheerleading
-The 1st time Sam played in the snow
-Sam started having a full time nurse

-Gwen's last single digit birthday
-Sam had her first seizure while in the car (on the side of highway 52 :( )

-Sam had a her 4 hour seizure followed 5 days later by a 2 hour seizure :(
-We found out how much we are richly blessed by the prayers, support and love of so many during Sam's 20 day hospital stay. 
-Gwen started her first season of soccer
-Sam turned 3 :)

-Sam's first day of Pre-K

-Gwen auditioned for her first play at the AGP

-Another hospital stay due to over medication :(
-We found out Sam was getting a WISH :)
-VBS when Sam found her BFF Ben

-Sam's Make A Wish trip to Disney
-The lake with Grandma and Grandpa
-Gwen's first sleep over camp
-Salem Summer Arts :)
-God finally showed us what to do about a service dog for Sam
-Money for Sam's seizure dog was raised within 1 week! Amazing isn't even the word for it! 

-Gwen was asked to speak at SCS Convocation
-Gwen started 4th grade and Sam's 2nd year of Pre-K
-Gwen and Sam were blessed to be apart of Cory and Nicole's wedding

-First no major seizure September in 3 years

-Halloween fun with The Awkward Family Photo, the old ladies and more
-Meet Moose for the first time!! It is a match! 

-Special visit with Moose :) 

-The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at the AGP
-Testing starts for Sam's surgical evaluation

There is so much more that makes up this year but what a year it has been. Some moments were extremely stressful and scary. Others were moments sent directly from God but every moment had a purpose. I praise God for every single one. If we never walked in the rain, we wouldn't take the time to appreciate the sunshine! Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and an extremely blessed New Year! 

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from 2014- So blessed!