Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 27- Almost 20 months

We are visiting the orthopedic doctor today for Sam's CP. We should be having Botox again in about a week to loosen up her legs. The nice thing is that her appointments are getting less frequent for the most part. In September Sam had a seizure at home that lasted about 2 hours before we were able to get it stopped at the hospital. That gave us about a week stay in the hospital. Overall she is just amazing. She can crawl. She is tryin very hard to stand and walk during PT. She says several words now, her favorite being doggie. She loves music and doing whatever Gwen is doing! Just thought I would send a quick update of praise on just how great our God is! He has blessed us so much more than we deserve!

At our visit to see the doctor we had to make the decision to allow hard casts to be placed to get her ankles to get to the right angle and to correct her feet from constantly pointing. So when we go for Botox injections on December 12th, they will put casts on her legs that she will have until the Friday after Christmas. Please pray that she can handle waking up from the being put to sleep with casts on her legs. The good thing is it won't be too long and it should help her not to slip out of her AFO's like she has been. Just say a prayer that the neighbors don't hear screaming constantly for a few weeks until the things come off!