Sunday, August 19, 2012

August 19, 2012- Day 3 of AFO's

As a parent you learn that there are times when things just don't go as planned! The last few days have been a little trying with these new leg braces. We didn't order the shoes that went with the braces because they "looked like old lady shoes" (Travis' words) and because the guy told us that we could use regular shoes a size or two bigger than she was wearing. This shoe thing is going to be an issue... The braces and the shoes are way too heavy for her little legs. Many moms posted that the orthotic shoes are the same way and recommended Converse. They untie a lot lower, the material gives more and they are not ao heavy. We are ordering some but wish we knew if we should or 1 or 2 sizes up. So right now she doesn't cry the whole time.... just a large percentage of the time she is in them. It was a little better this afternoon. I stayed home from church this morning to get her in them. With the amount of time she needed to be in them today and the fact she can't sleep in them yet, she had to be in them before nap time so it was either take her to the nursery where she would cry or just stay home where I could distract her with TV. The great news is that she has stood by herself without touching anything for a few seconds in the braces. The muscles in her legs just aren't strong enough yet to keep her up. Just like the Rascal Flatts' song.... The good Lord gave us mountains so we could learn how to climb! It will all be worth it in the end!

Friday, August 17, 2012

August 17, 2012

The leg braces have arrived! The first day she had to just wear them for an hour. Then tomorrow we go up to 2 hours and so on until she is wearing them most of the day including while she sleeps. Well she cried when they put them on, then settled down and watched tv. About 20 minutes later she started fussing on and off. I hope she gets use to them or by the end of next week we are going to have a really crabby girl. I just feel blessed that they look so much better than they use to! The botox injections have done wonders for the tightness in her legs! Overall she is doing Great!!! I am so thankful to God in the work he has done in her!