Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22, 2011- Almost 4 Months

Sorry it has taken me so long to post an update but keeping up with two kids in the summertime has kept me busy. I was never able to get to the nesting phase when I was pregnant with Samantha because of all the craziness and worry so I believe it has hit in the last few weeks as well. I have cleaned out every closet and drawer in the house. So life is good, God is amazing and I feel so blessed. Sam's last PT appointment went really well. She was really pleased with her progress and feels like she is hitting some great milestones. One of the things that impressed her the most was the fact that Sam is so aware of what is going on around her. She said that this is a great indicator that there is the start of cognitive function being on track. We are still working to relax the muscles in her legs daily and now we are working on here arms to help get her to a point where she can eventually lift her head while on her belly. We are currently trying to get here PT and OT worked out where they will come to the house to save us one more doctor visit in Winston. She had been a little restless the last few days, with a massive amount of drool, and chewing on anything she can... Yes we are working on teeth. Bless her heart! Her big sister has loved being home with her this summer and requests daily Sam time where she reads her books, they watch tv together or they do Gwen's activity of the day. The best part is being able to see the smile that comes across Sam's face when she is with her sister. It is priceless. One of the most exciting updates is that we are going to be doing Sam's Baby Dedication at Salem Baptist Church this Sunday, July 24th at the 10:55 service. Please know that we would love to have anyone who would like to join us in dedicating Sam to our Amazing God! You have all been so wonderful in this journey with our family and we can't even begin to thank you for everything. God has answered so many prayers through this precious child and we can't wait to give Him all the praise! As I am finishing my last week of summer, I look back to see that I have not worked since the middle of March. I also have to once again thank the many, many people who donated days so that I could be with Sam through her surgeries, hospitals stays, and maternity leave. I only wish I could thank each of you individually! Wishing everyone a happy last week of July 2011! Time sure does fly!