Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 23rd- 12 Weeks Old

It is so hard to believe what we have been through and been blessed with in just 12 weeks. Today we met with Neurology. One thing that I had to learn the past few months is that there is the difference between neurology and the neurosurgery. We see neurosurgery for her shunt and neurology for her seizures. Yes, I am sure all of you medical people are now shaking your heads at me. I am slowly getting all of this stuff. Anyway, they decided to wait 4 months to do a second EEG. At that time we will talk about taking her off her seizure meds. The cause of the seizures she had is really unknown. We know what they look like. We know that it started in the left side of the brain with her right hand moving but we don't know the cause. It could have been the infection, in which case she would be able to get off meds eventually. It could have been the shunt and/or drain irritating the brain and it could also have been caused by the Dandy Walker Malformation. Only time will tell. When doing her check up the doctor had some concerns about her hearing. She passed two hearing tests in the NICU which was before the infection. Today she noticed that Sam was not responding to certain sounds. This was also something they looked at when she had her CDSA evaluation last week. The neurologist said that the infection could have caused some damage. So we will be having another screening soon to check to see if there is any damage. She  did seem very pleased with some of her social interactions like social smiling which was a good cognitive sign. Next on the appointment list is next weeks physical therapy appointment. The neurologist was glad that she is already receiving physical therapy because she keeps her legs stiff. We have been working on this everyday and I hope that the PT can see a difference since that last time we were there. Tomorrow we are going to try a very short visit to the pool. It will be Samantha's first pool visit. Praying it goes well!

Everyday is a blessing. I see God teaching me lessons through both of my girls everyday. I pray that I can continue to remember each day what a precious gift life is and how thankful I am for the people God put in my life. I also am thankful for the many people that God has sent me through this process! Some were close friends before this and through the past year He has shown me just how special they really are. Others He has placed in my life through this journey and I am so very thankful to now call them friends!
Sam still doesn't quite know what to do with her big sister!

Friday, June 10, 2011

June 10th- 10 Weeks Old

God is so very good! Last week was a busy week but it was worth it! We went to our first appointment on Tuesday which was Physical Therapy. The main problem she was seeing so far was that Sam keeps her legs stiff. She showed me exercises to do to help relax her legs and so far so good! We also had her 2 month shots on Thursday morning. Shots are horrible but her check up was good. She had gained about 3 pounds since she had gotten home from her last stay in the hospital. That afternoon we had an appointment with Neurosurgery and her doctor was very pleased with how she was healing from her last surgery. He also felt her head and thinks that the one shunt is working so well that she most likely will not need the second shunt!!! YEAH! It is so nice to go to the doctor and get good news. We have now been home 5 weeks and are starting to get in a groove. She is such a blessing. She has discovered her tongue and she smiles all the time. Gwen loves her so much. The first thing she does when she wakes up in the morning or gets home from school is to see Sam. I often find Gwen reading or singing to her if Sam is in her crib. It is a blessing to see the love between them already. I really think the sweetest thing is when Gwen pulls out her new Bible that she received at church for graduating Kindergarten and reads to Sam. Looking forward to spending the summer with my girls and feeling blessed beyond measure! I pray for a blessed and safe summer for all of you too!